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The name Matthew means ďThe gift of YahwehĒ



Jesus was born of the line of King David.

God directs the circumstances of Jesusí birth. The Angel affirms Jesusí divine nature to Joseph. The Son was born not of man but of Spirit of God.

The child receives the Messianic name.

Gentile foreigners, 3wisemen, worship the newborn Jewish King.

God provides for His Sonís survival.

Joseph takes the Holy family to Gentile territory, Egypt, to escape the threats of Herod the king.


Jesus carries out Godís will by being baptized by John the Baptist when He was 30 years old.

Jesus receives the Holy Spirit of God from above.

The voice from heaven proclaims Jesus as Godís Son.

Jesus obeys Godís word.

As Godís Son, Jesus shows the authority and power to confront Satan and overcomes the temptations when Satan in wilderness tempted him.

Jesus then goes to Galilee of the Gentiles to begin His public ministry.

Jesus is designated by God to be the Messiah with authority for all nations.

Jesus calls people to Godís kingdom through repentance.

Jesus demonstrates the power of kingdom by rebuking the evil spirits with His pointed finger.


Jesus teaches Godís way to live. His teachings form the lasting foundation for life.

Real happiness comes from a right relationship with God.

Believers of Father must be like salt and light.

Love, not law, is the rule of the Kingdom, because Father is love.

The desire to be seen good by people is the wrong motive. God doesnít like it.

Prayer is private. Seeking of forgiveness is not public or search for praise.

Fasting is of value only if the motive behind it is right.

Only Spiritual wealth really lasts. Faith, lowly spirit, love, righteousness, self control, pure heart, long suffering, meekness, humbleness, mercy, peace, joy, grace, selfless nature, and enduring persecution is the spiritual wealth for a believer.

Each person must choose to give God first.

To judge others is wrong. To show keen insight is necessary for a judgment.

The Kingdom of God requires steadfastness in prayer and faith in Godís goodness.

The golden rule of the Kingdom summarizes the law and prophets.

Only the narrow path of submission to Godís will leaving behind everything and starting A new life with empty hands, relying on Godís strength and not on own strength leads to life in the kingdom.


Jesusí power and call reveals His authority. Discipleship is first priority.

Jesusí healing power is available to all people of faith.

Jesus has authority over nature, natural catastrophes, demons, sin, and death.

Even winds and sea obeyed Him, demons obeyed Him, death obeyed Him, and sickness (sin) obeyed to leave when he forgave some one.

Jesus calls sinners for repentance and to share His authority. (WOW! IS IT NOT WONDERFUL?).

Jesusí gospel requires new form of reverence, or fear of God, righteousness, caring elders, thirst for lost souls, helping needy and oppressed.

Jesusí authority that responds to conquer demons comes from Father, and not from Satan.

If people say it is from devil there is no forgiveness for blasphemy of the Spirit

The compassionate Jesus prays for compassionate helpers to help Him in His ministry.

Jesus entrusts His disciples with His authority in delivering Word by breathing the Holy Spirit of God into them. When they went out to teach people, Holy Spirit helped them what to teach.

To exercise Jesusí authority, disciples must face the dangers Jesus faced.

Jesusí authority removes cause for fear.

Disciples confess Jesusí name in all situations.

Those who welcome Godís messengers will receive rewards.

Jesusí work always leads to controversy. Blind religion seeks controversy rather than truth. Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecy. John the Baptist marked the end of the prophetic era.

Repentance is the proper response to Jesus.

Discipleship requires faith in God, and also in His Son Jesus Christ, but not great human wisdom or works.

Water Baptism is the sign of commitment to discipleship.

A disciple is the one who willingly becomes a learner of the masterís teaching and seeks to follow his example by implementing his teaching. The disciple passes on to others what he has learned and makes his own disciples to carry on the mission.

Mercy, not law, is the key to interpret the Godís Word.

Jesus fulfilled Isaiahís ďSERVANTĒ prophecies.

Faith sees Jesus as Messiah, but blindness calls Him Satanic.

Resurrection faith is the criterion for eternal judgment.

Obedient believers are from Godís family.


Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God.

Response to the Kingdom of God depends on the heart.

God purposely delays separating the believers from unbelievers.

Godís Kingdom is small at first, but will finally transform the entire world.

Jesusí use of parables fulfills scripture. He did this because Satan couldnít steal His words and Godís purposes. Satan is the worst enemy of God who opposes Godís redemptive purposes and always tries to manipulate Godís purposes by stealing the things from Godís people.

The Son of man controls final judgment and will send those who rejected Him by not accepting Him as Messiah, to eternal punishment.

The Kingdom is worth any sacrifice even selling all possessions to possess it.

The Kingdom involves both old and new understandings of scripture.


Jesus confronts conflict and critical events.

Jesus faced rejection and sorrow.

Jesus placed compassion for others over personal needs.

Jesusí power over nature and disease shows He is Godís Son.

Thoughts and motives, not ritual acts, determine spiritual purity.

Faith overcomes all obstacles that would separate us from Jesus.

Jesusí compassionate ministry leads people to praise God, the sovereign Ruler.

Unbelieving authorities demand a sign but cannot interpret ones they have.

Confession of Jesus as Messiah and Son of God is ďthe true churchísĒ foundation.

Willingness to suffer with Jesus is as important as proper confessions of faith.

God the Father revealed Himself through Jesus, whom people should obey.

Faith in Father overcomes obstacles.

Jesus expected His coming death and resurrection.

Concern for others may mean forfeiting oneís own rights.


Jesus gives insight into life in His Coming full-fledged Kingdom.

Entrance into the Kingdom requires a child like trust in God.

Believers must be careful not to lead others into sin.

Radical self-discipline prevents sin.

God takes the initiative in finding the lost.

Reconciliation must be the believerís aim.

Jesus promised power and authority through Holy Spirit to His new covenant people.

Father requires that we forgive others if Father is to forgive us.

Life long marriage is Godís plan for most people, but some can accept single devotion to God.

Children have an important place in Godís kingdom.

One must give up any obstacle to discipleship, knowing reward will come.

Godís rewards may be different from human expectations.

Jesus taught the necessity of His death and resurrection to His disciples. Forgiveness of sins comes through the death of the Son of God. Shedding of His blood is the sacrifice to God for the sins of entire mankind. His destiny was to give His life as ransom for many. Through resurrection the devil was defeated and Jesus declared His absolute authority in heaven on earth and in seas. As a resurrected one He received this authority from God to rule the world with might and power.

The truly great person serves others as Jesus did.

Those who are healed by His mercy became His followers.


Religious authorities rejected Jesus as Messiah.

Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophesy in entering the Jerusalem and cleansing the temple.

God punishes fruitlessness but rewards faith.

Answerless authorities questioned Jesusí authority.

Authorities must answer the call to repentance to be part of Godís Kingdom.

God invites even sinners and outcasts to new life in His Kingdom.

Taxes belong to state but we belong to God.

Authorities must learn that love for God and love for neighbor are the greatest commandments.

Authorities do not understand scriptures and so do not believe in resurrection.

Authorities must learn the nature of Messiah.

Jesus the superior authority calls for religious leaders lives to agree with their living and teachings, because, they say but do not do what they say. Whatever they do, they do to be seen by people but not with the fear of God.


Jesus had the authoritative word for the future.

Jerusalem faces destruction for rejecting Jesus as Messiah.

The world will hear the gospel before the end of the age.

Jesusí disciples must flee Jerusalem when a sign appears.

The sign in nature will mark Jesusí assured return.

People must prepare themselves for Jesusí return or they will face judgment.

Jesus will judge us by our service to those in need.


Jesus prepared himself for His death, obeying God and fulfilling scripture.

Authorities plotted Jesusí death, as He had foretold.

Jesus anointing by Mary Magdalene symbolized His Messiah-ship and coming death.

A disciple, Iscariot Judah cooperated in crucifying Jesus.

Jesus transformed Passover to His memorial supper, establishing His covenant.

Jesus prepared His disciples for their time of falling and restoration.

Jesus dedicated Himself to the Fatherís will.

Jesus arrest represented fulfillment of Godís plan, not evidence of His weakness or Godís forsaking Him.


Jesus conquered death.

The innocent Jesus was convicted on His testimony to His Messiah-ship and to His role as Judge in the last days.

Peterís denial showed Jesus prophetic powers.

Judahís guilt drove him to suicide and fulfilling scriptures. Government authority found no guilt in Jesus, but religions authorities accepted full responsibility for His death.

Roman mocking pointed to the truth of Jesusí divine Kingship.

Spectacular events pointed to the saving significance of Jesusí death as Godís Son.

Jesusí dead body was entombed and could not be stolen.

Jesus was raised from the dead.

Religious leaders bribed people to disprove the resurrection.

The authoritative Jesus gives His disciples a worldwide evangelistic mission.