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  1. Jesus is Godís superior revelation
  2. Jesus is Superior to the angels
  3. Jesus is Superior to the Moses
  4. Jesus is Superior to the earthly high priest Melchizedek
  5. Jesus has Superior Ministry
  6. Jesus established Superior Covenant
  7. Jesusí Covenant brings maturity to those who have faith
  8. Jesus is the author and finisher of the faith
  9. Jesus is the Superior model of the faith
  10. People should not neglect such a great source of salvation
  11. People should enter Godís rest while it is still available
  12. People should go on to maturity
  13. People should draw near to Godís throne in confidence
  14. The recipients of Holy Spirit suffer
  15. Godís children suffer because they are still Godís children
  16. Suffering functions as a discipline that leads Godís children to maturity or perfection.
  17. Jesus was perfected through the suffering and was qualified to stand in Godís presence in the heavenly sanctuary that is our heart as High Priest.
  18. The people could also be qualified to stand in Godís presence by means of the discipline of suffering.
  19. God disciplines His children for their good, that they may share his holiness. That is why Jesus said ďEnter through the narrow gate, the road that leads to LIFE, and only a few find itĒ. Only through suffering people can see God.
  20. Without holiness no one will see God. It means no one can stand in His presence without Holiness.
  21. Suffering may seem harsh at the time of suffering, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by suffering. Luxury is the WIDE gate that leads to destruction and many seek to enter through it but never find LIFE.
  22. The peaceful ďfruit of righteousnessĒ is ďthe peaceĒ that comes from having acquired the right and privilege to stand before God in confidence.
  23. So the recipients of Holy Spirit should follow Jesus bearing the disgrace He bore.
  24. The recipients of Holy Spirit are not alone in their suffering. The Holy Spirit of God is with them.
  25. People should not forget that Jesus has suffered, as they were about to suffer. He suffered and shown us the way. Suffering is the only way, which takes us to God.
  26. Thus, just as Jesus learned what it meant to be obedient to God through suffering, the people should exhibit the same kind of obedience in their suffering.
  27. Shrinking back from God in the face of suffering is a sin that God detests.
  28. Jesus was tempted but not sinned.
  29. Because Jesus remained faithful and did not sin during the hour of suffering, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him.
  30. The recipients of Holy Spirit should remain faithful in the midst of suffering by taking the examples of others (old testament prophets, saints) who were able to remain faithful
  31. Those who remain obedient to God in the midst of suffering are able to do so by means of their faith, because ďto have faith is to be sure of things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see Ė like - the resurrection, glorious body, heaven, angels and other saints in heaven etc.. and the things that the God personally promised us.
  32. This is not to say that only obedience qualify us to stand before God.
  33. Entrance before the throne of grace is permitted on the basis of the obedience and sanctification of sins through blood of Jesus.
  34. Holy Spirit of the Jesus is the one who sanctifies those who follow Jesusí ways.
  35. To gain personal access to the throne of grace, a person must obey.
  36. Just as Jesus learned what it meant to be obedient in suffering and was thereby brought to maturity, so, too, His brothers and sisters must be willing to demonstrate the same obedience. He met all the qualifications and became the source of eternal salvation.
  37. Jesus is Godís son and our brother and we share the same Spirit that is of the Fatherís.
  38. Jesus provides a way of faith that assures and preserves.
  39. Jesus, the sinless High Priest is the only source of salvation.
  40. Jesus calls His followers to His maturity.
  41. Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, is the only Priest believerís need.
  42. Jesus died to conquer Satan and free us from the fear of death.

43.Jesus is Godís ultimate revelation.

  1. Through faith in Jesus God promised us rest.
  2. Through Jesus, God offers a better covenant and complete salvation.
  3. Jesusí sacrifice of His own blood provides eternal redemption from sin and makes us the partners of new covenant community.
  4. Jesusí sacrifice was once for all and pointed to His return to bring eternal salvation.
  5. Jesusí sacrifice provided perfect forgiveness and made all other sacrifices unnecessary.

48.Jesusí sacrifice calls for His followers to live faithfully, even under persecution.

49.Jesus inspires us to a life of faith.

      Faith lays claim to the unseen realities of God and His purposes.

      Faith presses on even when some of Godís promises remain unfulfilled.

      Faith risks everything for God and His purposes..

      Faith endures even when earthly deliverance does not come.

50.Jesusí example of suffering encourages perseverance in the face of difficulties.

51.Jesus the unchanging savior expects His followers to live of love.



Believers must focus on Jesus who is more faithful than Moses.

Believers must claim Godís promised ďRESTĒ in faith.

Believers must approach God in confidence.

Believers must mature in Christ.

Believers must show their faith in genuine and perseverance in Christ.

Believers must see suffering as the Fatherís discipline. The disciplined believer receives

The promises of God, which provide secure hope.

Believers must not forget that God is divine judge

Believers must live holy lives

Believers must listen to Godís warnings

Believers must worship in gratitude.

Believersí love leads to a pure marriage.

Believersí love does not love money.

Believersí love imitates Christ.

Believersí love centers on the unchanging Christ.

Believersí love does not follow strange teachings.

Believersí love endures isolation and persecution.

Believersí love praises God, shares with others.

Believersí love obeys.

Believersí love prays for others.

Believersí love does Godís will.





Blessed are those who listen, obey, and walk in thy ways