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John the Apostle was son of Zebedee and Salome and younger brother of James. Salome was sister of Mary and that way John was Jesus’ first cousin. John was a fisherman and lived in Galilee. John and James were partners with Simon Peter in fishing business. James and John were the first disciples to be called out. John is among the three disciples (James, Peter and John), who were with Jesus on special occasions like transfiguration. John writes the fourth Gospel in the NEW TESTAMENT, and the three letters, and Revelation the last book of New Testament. John identifies himself as the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ, who reclined with Jesus during the last supper.


The Gospel of John is called as “Spiritual Gospel”.

John portraits Jesus as 1. The divine WORD, 2. Christ the MESSIAH the anointed one who accredited by Yahweh the God, to execute a divinely task and carries God’s Spirit in Him to finish the appointed task, it means God Himself through Jesus does His work, 3.The Son of GOD, 4. The true LIGHT to the world, and 5. The LIFE to the Children of God.

      The Gospel gives a distinctive account of Jesus’ signs, His words, and His ministry.

1.      Jesus had a dual role as 1. REVEALER of Father 2. REDEEMER of sins of mankind.

2.      Jesus came to reveal the “FATHER”. Jesus came to take away the sin of the world.

3.      As the word, Jesus continued God’s creative and redemptive work – Turning water into wine, Creating eyes for a blind man, Breathing Holy Spirit into the Disciples.

4.      As revealer, Jesus revealed that Jesus and Father are one because Father is united with Him. So who saw Him saw the Father, who received Jesus in Faith, received Father in faith: They will all be taught by God, every one who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to Jesus.

5.      Through Jesus’ revelation of the Father, delivers the world from sin.

6.      Sin is understood as unbelief. Not believing in Son who was carrying Father in Him.

7.      The people who are living in this world without carrying Father in them are called “the world” or “the heathen” or “the kingdom of evil”. People who are living in this world carrying Father in them are called “the Heaven” or “the Kingdom of God”. “The world” is under the power of sin. Some people never believe Father because they love the “darkness” and “the glory of men” rather than “The GLORY OF GOD, THE FATHER”.

8.      All who believe Father are called out, drawn, and chosen by the Father.

9.      Some believe Father, only because of Jesus’ signs. The Gospel accepts this response as Faith but calls believers on to faith that is based on Jesus’ words and on the knowledge of Father revealed in Jesus. Those who believe in Father’s name are born “from above”. They are the children of God. Their life is sustained by -                                                             

THE LIVING WATER – the God’s presence (Ps 72:6), the Spirit of God (Isa 44:3, Joh 4:10), the knowledge of God (Isa 11:9), the blessings of God (Isa 58:11), the salvation of God (isa12:3), God’s voice (Eze 43:2), God’s justice ( Amos 5:24), the life of God (Rev 7:17).

THE BREAD OF LIFE – the presence of God (Exo 25:3-30), the unity of group (1Kings 18:19), the hospitality (Gen 19:3), the wisdom (pro 9:5), Jesus (Joh 6:35), the body of the Jesus (1Cor 11:23,24), His kingdom (Luke 14:15), the Church (1Cor 10-17).

THE NEW COVENANT COMMUNITY – those who believe in Father live in the New Covenant community as His sheep (Joh 10th chap). Father’s eternal purposes are being experienced and carried out by them.

THE TRUE VINE – those who believe in Father live as the branches of the true vine and Father is their Gardner (Jon 15th Chap).                                                                               

THE JUST – Jesus’ followers are to live “just” as He lived.

THE FAITH – the 2 commandments of the New Covenant community are--- 1. To have faith in FATHER, 2. To love one another. They love because they have loved by Father. 

THE ETERNAL LIFE – those who believe Father, already have eternal life, here on this earth and now. They have already crossed from death into life.

NOT FACING THE JUDGMENT DAY – those who believe Father will not face the judgment day, the judgment occurs in one’s response to Jesus’ revelation of Father (Joh 3:19)

RAISING AT THE LAST DAY- those who believe Father will also be raised “at the last   day”.

THE GLORIOUS BODY – those who believe Father will be crossed from earthly body into Glorious Body.

Jesus as Redeemer – Jesus’ blood shed on the cross and the works on the cross defeated the worst enemy of God, the Devil. So we have victory through Jesus Christ and through Jesus we can also defeat the Devil to reach the eternity. He is the only Redeemer of the mankind from sin.

10.  The Gospel also records-

     1. John the Baptist Denying being Christ, John declaring Jesus as the lamb of God, Jesus calling disciples,

     2. Jesus turning water to wine, Jesus Cleansing the temple,

     3. Jesus teaching Nicodemus, John’s testimony about Jesus,

    4. Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman who had five husbands and living with the 6th husband, Many Samaritans believe Jesus, the noble man who begged Jesus to   come and heal his son,

    5. Jesus healing the man at the pool of Bethesda,

    6. Jesus feeding the 5000 with 5 loves of bread and 2 fish; Jesus walks on the water, Jesus declaring that He is the bread of life, People deserting Jesus,

   7. Even Jesus’ own brothers not believing in Jesus, Jesus teaches at the Tabernacles festival, Confrontation in Jerusalem, some said He is a good man and some said He deceives the people, Jesus declares Himself as the light of the world and says, God is witness for this,

   8. Jesus forgiving the woman caught in adultery, Jesus declaring all who believes in lies are children of Devil, and the claims of Jesus about Himself,

   9. Jesus gives sight to the born blind man, and Pharisees Investigating the healing, Jesus talking about the Spiritual blindness,

 10. The Shepherd’s Sheep listen, know, and follow Him,

 11. The raising of Lazarus, the plot to kill Jesus,

 12. Mary, anointing Jesus with pure perfume at Bethany, Jesus Seated on donkey’s colt entering into Jerusalem with triumph, Jesus predicting His death,

 13. The foot washing of the disciples, Jesus predicting His betrayal, Jesus predicting Peter’s denial,

 14. Jesus comforting His disciples, Jesus declaring that He is the only way to the Father and He is truth and life to Thomas, and Jesus promising the Holy Spirit,

 15. The vine and the branches and the Gardener, Jesus foretelling His disciples that world is going to hate them,

 16. Jesus explaining the works of the HOLY SPIRIT, Jesus telling His disciples that their grief will turn into joy.

 17. Jesus praying for Himself, Jesus praying for His Disciples, Jesus praying for all believers.

 18.  The farewell discourse, the trial of Jesus,

 19. The death of Jesus,

 20. The resurrection of Jesus, and

 21. After resurrection the miraculous catch of Fish, and the Conclusion – Jesus appeared to the disciples, comforted them, commissioned them, and consecrated them with the Holy Spirit.





John wrote this letter to the children of God - is based on 3 statements – a. God is light - in him there is no darkness, b. God is righteous – everyone who    does what is right has been born of God, c. God is love – anyone who does not love remains in death. John demands these 3 qualities must dominate the lives of believers. John called those who remained out to practice the command of love.


John gave assurance to the new covenant community and warned the believers that they cannot practice love for only believers but for the “world” at the same time. “The World” here means all that is opposed to Christ.


John warned about the dangers of false teachings. The false prophets, who had gone out from the New Covenant Community, denied the incarnation. The incarnation is crucial for Christian belief, however, because in Christ we find the love of God revealed, so we believe in incarnation. One of the tests of faithfulness is “righteousness”. The “Church’s” hope for the future is that the judgment was already past and Christians had already passed from death into life. Hope for the future however carries with it the controlled righteous and pure living. Christians cannot make sin a way of life. Another test of faithfulness is “love one another” which means sharing with those in need. Love of God, however, requires love one another. Those who love God and have faith in Christ keep His commands and to them God gives eternal life. The water, the blood, and the Spirit all bear witness to Christ, His incarnation and   His death.


Christians have to pray for one another, especially should pray for who does the sin, so  that sin does not lead him or her to death. There is a sin, which leads to death that is not accepting Jesus as their savior and Yahweh as their Eternal Father. Christ also keeps only those who are “born of God, the Spirit”, because God is the only source of eternal life and Christ is the one through whom the sin is forgiven.


Do not believe every Spirit, but test the Spirit to see whether they are from God. Every Spirit that acknowledges that Jesus is from God that is the Spirit of God. We are also from God and have overcome the “world”, because the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the “world”. Whoever knows God listens to the one who is from God, but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of “TRUTH” and the spirit of  “world”. Everyone who believes that Jesus is Messiah and is born of God loves God and His Son Jesus; for everyone born of the God overcomes the world. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.


God from heaven said- “This is my son, whom I love, with him I AM well pleased”. God’s testimony is greater than man’s testimony because it is testimony of God, which He has given about His Son. Anyone who does not believe God, made Him out to be a liar.


God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son. So we have to receive His Holy Spirit to have this eternal life.



II JOHN –  1. This letter was written to AN ELECTED LADY and to her children.

2. John praised her and her children for following the TRUTH and appealed to continue to show love. Warns her about the dangers of false teaching that had already threatened the church.

3. John’s real concern, however, was to warn “the elect lady” about those “who do not confess that Jesus is Christ who has come in the flesh”. Such teachings deceive and antichrists are not to be received by the church.

CONCLUSION – The salutation of love for those who know the TRUTH - The blessings of Grace, Mercy and Peace – Love is identifying character of a Christian – Believers face deceivers, not to receive such deceivers.


III JOHN -  1. This letter was written to GAIUS, who has been providing hospitality to fellow Christians and messengers from John.

2. A man named Diotrephes, however, refused to receive the messengers sent by John. John charged that Diotrephes should love them to have peace among them. Believers should have hospitality and support for visiting believers.

3. Pride, Gossiping, and lack of hospitality brings condemnation. Invite good leaders but not wicked ones.



Revelation is the last book of the Bible. The book points to future hope and calling for present faithfulness, points to the glorious world to come – A world of no more death or mourning or crying or pain – Lord will come to conclude world history with destruction of God’s enemies – Final salvation of His own people – Creation of New Heaven and New Earth.

To be sure, the Lord will come in power and majesty, but not before Lord’s enemies, the Satan- Antichrist-False prophet have exercised a terrible attack upon those who hold to the testimony of Jesus.

This book includes– John’s vision on the Island of Patmos - the SEVEN STARS or SEVEN ANGELS or Leaders of the seven churches– Letters to the SEVEN LAMPSTANDS or SEVEN CHURCHES– The sovereignty of The creator God committed to the crucified and now Enthroned Lamb, Jesus Christ– Lamb’s judgments via SEVEN SEALS– Lamb’s judgments via SEVEN TRUMPETS– The Dragon’s (Satan’s) persecution of the righteous– A summary of Triumph, warning, and judgment through SEVEN VOICES– Lamb’s judgments via SEVEN CUPS– the fall and ruin of the immoral city of the beast (Anti Christ and False Prophet)– The rejoicing of Heaven and the revelation of the Lamb - bringing judgment - and the appearance of the Bride, the Holy City.

Chapter 1 - John saw the risen Lord appearing in the dress of power and majesty.

Jesus revealed Himself as Lord of churches and instructed John to send the seven letters to those seven Churches. Each letter starts with the risen Lord as sender describes Himself and asking them to repent, however, to the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia, for assurance. Each letter concludes with – to “hear what the Spirit says to the churches” and a promise of reward to the over comer that is, the one who conquers in the place of obstacles and discouragements in the cause of Christ.

Chapter 2 -

THE CHURCH OF EPHESUS - is told to return to her first love.

THE CHURCH OF SMYRNA- is told to be faithful until death.

THE CHURCH OF PERGAMUM-is told to be aware of false teachings and immoral deeds.

THE CHURCH OF THYATIRA-is told to be aware of immoral deeds.

      Chapter 3-        

THE CHURCH OF SARDIS-is told to wake up and complete her works of obedience.

THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA-is promised protection, in the face of persecution by the local Synagogue. The faith in Jesus will assure them access into the Eternal Kingdom.

THE CHURCH AT LAODICEA-is told to turn from her self-deception and repent for her             lukewarm ness.

Chapter 4 asserts the Sovereign authority of the creator God. 24 elders, 4 cherubim who are the representatives of whole creation, and multitudes of angel worshiping God.

Chapter 5 depicts the delegation of the divine authority to the risen Lord by introducing a sequence of events how people of God were oppressed by 4 terrible beasts (kings), experiencing persecution from powers of evil, and a glorious appearance of redemptive agent of God Jesus Christ who was crucified and now enthroned.

Chapter 6 – The enthroned Lamb’s judgments via the seven seals. Lamb breaks the seven seals. Breaking of the first 4 seals brings forth 4 horsemen.

THE FIRST SEAL – White Horseman – brings violence

THE SECOND SEAL – Red Horseman – brings famine

THE THIRD SEAL – Black Horseman – brings pestilence

THE FOURTH SEAL – Pale Red Horseman – brings death.

THE FIFTH SEAL – Plea of the martyred saints for divine justice upon their oppressors. For now, they must wait.

THE SIXTH SEAL – When broken it brings forth the typical signs of the end – a great earthquake – the blackening of the Sun – Moon becoming red – the falling of the stars of the heaven.

Chapter 7 – The sealing of the 144,000 symbolizes to describe those who know God through Jesus Christ and it comprises full number of God’s Saints, now being Jew or Gentiles who are followers of Jesus and originated from Israel and have the seal of God the Holy Spirit. A great multitude which no one can count are those who have come out of great tribulation now to experience the joys of heaven and relief from the tribulation they have endured. Now in heaven they enjoy presence of God.

Chapter 8 - 

THE SEVENTH SEAL -The nature of the judgment – the mission of the “CHURCH the BRIDE” – The persecutions of the beast (Anti Christ). The judgments of God also have a redemptive purpose. The enthroned Lamb’s judgments via the SEVEN TRUMPETS.

The first 4 trumpets describe partial judgments and last 3 “WOES” (severe judgments) on mankind.

THE FIRST TRUMPET – upon the earth’s vegetation-

THE SECOND TRUMPET – upon the oceans-

THE THIRD TRUMPET – upon the fresh waters-

THE FOURTH TRUMPET – upon the heavenly lights

THE FIFTH TRUMPETWOE – 1 An angel with key opens abyss 2 smoke rose from the abyss 3 Sun and Moon darkens 4 Locusts come down upon the earth and have the power of scorpions – Still no redemptive effect, they did not repent of their immoralities.

THE SIXTH TRUMPETWOE – release of 4 beasts (angels) who were bound at Euphrates River. They have been kept ready for this hour. Daniel saw 4 great beasts that represent 4 kings. They kill 1/3 of the mankind. 200, 000,000 people will be killed by FIRE, SMOKE, AND SULPHUR. Still rest of the mankind did not repent, did not stop worshiping demons and idols, and did not repent for murders, magic arts, sexual immorality, and their thefts. Between 5th and 6th TRUMPETS God’s protective hand on His people is seen. People of God must bear a prophetic witness to the world.

THE SEVENTH TRUMPET - WOE – The kingdom of the God has come – The reign of God starts- The great WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT – Resurrection of the dead – the time for the dead to be judged – The time for the saints to be rewarded – The time for destroying the wicked – Temple opened – Ark of the covenant is seen followed by flashes of lightening, rumblings, peals of thunder, earthquake and great hail storm – People of God are protected.

Chapter 10 – God’s protection during the days of Tribulation is again mentioned.

Chapter 11 – The measuring of the Temple of God refers to God’s protective hand upon His people during the hour of turmoil. Persecutions last for 42 months. These 3½ years is the beginning of the ascension and enthronement of Jesus Christ. God’s people cannot be destroyed. The TWO WITNESSES must bear witness to mercy and judgment of God. The two witnesses are also called two lamp stands means may be 2 churches or two individuals. They must maintain a faithfully prophetic witness to the world, a witness even unto death. Though the earth rejoices that the testimony of the church is in the end and snuffed out, the temporary triumph of evil, 3 1/2 days will turn to heavenly vindication as the two witnesses or the people of God are raised from the dead, the resurrection of dead saints everyone is going to witness. The beast that comes up out of the abyss (a place for dead wicked souls), to make war with the people of God. It is those 42 months the period of persecution, protection, and witness. This period is called Tribulation period. The beast is an enemy of God that threatens the God’s kingdom. The great beast arises out of the sea and becomes great king. But God’s people would prevail over him. The revelation speaks of 2 beasts one arises out of the sea and the other out of the earth. The first one is called Antichrist and the second one serves the first one and is called false prophet. Both the Antichrist and False prophet persecute the church but finally judged by Christ.

Chapter 12 - When Christ Enthrones, there is war in heaven, and Dragon, the Satan, the force, which opposes God’s redemptive purposes from the beginning, will be cast down to the earth. Heaven rejoices because it has been rescued from Satan, but the earth must now mourn, because the devil has been cast down to earth and his anger is great and it is like the woman who eats her own children she bears. She eats them in distress during the siege and in the distress that her enemy inflicts on her. Satan eats his own children; he knows that he has been defeated by the enthronement of Christ and that he has short time to go to hell permanently. Those who hold to the testimony of Jesus now received the burnt of the frustrated dragon’s wrath. The WOMAN – Israel will be protected from dragon’s wrath for 3 ½ years.

Chapter 13 – the Dragon (Satan) then brings forth 2 henchmen to help him in chasing those who believe in Jesus. Satan is thus embodied in a political ruler, who is a resurrected wicked person from the sea or Hades or abyss, which will speak blasphemies for 42 months, who is also called Antichrist. While the second beast or False Prophet comes up from the earth seeks to deceive the earth so that its inhabitants worship the Antichrist. The Satan – Antichrist- False prophet will try to imitate the trinity of God. The 3 ½ years period begins with the enthronement of Christ and will conclude with His return. The period is not literal 3 ½ years, but the entire time between Christ’s ascension of throne in heaven and return to Israel, which will be permitting Dragon to execute his evil work upon the earth. His time is short and his evil will cease at the return of Christ with Power and Majesty.

Chapter 14 – After the depressing news of the ongoing persecutions of the unholy trinity, there is an encouragement and a warning for the believers.

SEVEN VOICES from heaven to relate again hopes and warnings-

FIRST VOICE - Vision of the 144,000 the full number of the people of God, faithful in their worship of the one true God, YAHWEH, through Jesus Christ and not seduced by Satanic deceptions of the Antichrist and false prophet, will be rescued and taken to heaven’s throne.

SECOND VOICE - An Angel (Satellite) announces the eternal gospel and warns the earth of coming judgment.

THIRD VOICE - The fall of “Babylon the great” (may be Iraq), the nation opposed to the people of the God, is announced.

FOURTH VOICE - Not to follow the Antichrist or else those who follow him suffer eternal separation from God.

FIFTH VOICE - Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.

SIXTH VOICE - First call for harvest.

SEVENTH VOICE - Second call for harvest.

Chapter 15 – The eternal Lamb’s (Christ’s) judgments via seven cups. The 7 cups of wrath are similar to the seven trumpets and the seven seals, but also different. The wrath of God is final and complete with these 7 cups. The partial judgments suggest that God uses the sufferings and evil of this life to draw mankind toward repentance and faith, but such tribulation also foreshadow the final hour of judgment when God’s wrath is finished.

Chapter 16 - seven cups wrath is left with no more delay.

FIRST CUP – poured out on the people  - ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who have the mark of beast and worshiped antichrist.

SECOND CUP – poured out on sea – Sea turned out into blood like that of a dead man, every living thing in the sea died. Wicked world died.

THIRD CUP – poured out on rivers – they became blood to make wicked to drink, instead of water because they slain saints.

FOURTH CUP – poured out on the sun – sun was given power to scorch people with fire – still people did not repent but cursed the God.

FIFTH CUP – poured out on the throne of Antichrist and his kingdom plunged into darkness but they refused to repent of what they had done.

SIXTH CUP – poured out on great river Euphrates – 3 evil spirits came out of the mouths of Satan, Antichrist and False prophet. They are the Spirits of demons performing miraculous signs; they went out to gather people from the whole world for the battle on the great day of God Almighty - War at Armageddon - This is the fall of the Babylon the great.

Jesus comes like a thief and blessed are those whose nakedness is not exposed. Then all people of God gathered together to the place Armageddon for the battle with Satan and his followers.

SEVENTH CUP – poured out into the air – then it is finished, there came flashes of lightening, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake is like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth. From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men and all wicked are destroyed.

Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 retell the fall of the Babylon the great, and give a moving lament for the great city.

Chapter 19 – the rejoicing of Heaven and the revelation of the lamb bringing judgment and the arrival of the Bride, the Holy City. All of heaven rejoices over the righteous judgment of God upon evil. The Christ’s Bride is the people of God, has made herself ready by her faithfulness to her Lord through the hour of suffering. Heaven is opened and the Antichrist and False prophet are thrown into the lake of fire from which there is no return. They face eternal separation from God’s presence.

Chapter 20 – the Satan is cast into hellish abyss, which is shut and sealed for 1000 years. Christ reigns for those thousand years. The dead in Christ are resurrected to govern with Him. At the end of Christ’s reign, after 1000 years the final disposition of Satan will occur. In one final battle, Satan and his followers are overcome, and Satan joins the Antichrist and false prophet in the lake of the fire. Then the final judgment takes place, which all not included in the book of the life are thrown into the lake of fire.

Chapter 21 – The glorification of the Bride of the Christ – to be the Bride is to be Holy City, the new Jerusalem, the new Covenant Community, to live in the presence of God and the Lamb, and to experience protection, joy and the everlasting, life giving light of God. The throne of God and of the Christ is there, and there His Covenant Community shall serve Him and reign with Him forever and ever.  But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

Chapter 22 – Conclusion – those who listen and attend and take it to heart to the prophecy will receive blessings of God. Those who ignore the warnings will be left outside the gates of God’s presence. It is time for the Spirit and the Bride to pray for “Lord to come”. The churches must have ears to hear what the SPIRIT has said. The people of God must, by His grace, remain constant at the face of sufferings and discouragements, knowing that their enthroned Lord will return in triumph.




The personal dimension of that which opposes God’s purposes in God’s world is Satan. When people believed in many gods, God wanted to lead His people to a dynamic practical belief in one God and worship of one God. Satan, the chief of the fallen angels rebelled against God. It is clear that from the very movement of the creation of this world that Satan and fallen angels were on the scene and were worshiped by people in the form of idols. Pride seems to have been the cause of Satan’s fall. Satan was the agent of temptation for the Adam and Eve. Satan was the adversary of the God’s people Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Satan seeks to lead God’s people into presumption or slanders them to God’s face. Satan acts, however, with the express permission of God and keeps within the limits, which God has fixed for him. The origin of evil is located in Satan. This Satan is called Devil and its fallen angels are called demons. Jesus was tempted by Satan but did not fall into temptation. The hell is prepared for the devil and his angels. Satan and his angels are able to inflict disease. Satan is called prince of the world with most of the world in his power. Satan is the god of this age. The unredeemed world is at present under Satan’s power. Satan is the commander of the spiritual powers of the air and leads “the superhuman forces of evil in the heavenly realms”. Satan’s activities are involving not only individuals but also communities. Political forces become servants of the devil. At one point in the history Satan sits on the throne to rule the entire world. Satan is created being and never is coequal with God. Satan rebels against God, tempts God’s people but can never force them to fall into temptation. Falling into temptation is people’s choice. Satan and the demonic forces have been overcome by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the end Satan and his angels will be completely overcome. In fact, Jesus came into the world to “destroy the works of the devil”. The cross was a victory over Satan and his angels. This victory insured that countless numbers would be delivered from the dominion of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of Christ. Satan is a created, rebellious and tempting evil power active in the universe, but his powerful existence does not exclude a person from responsibility. Satan and the demonic forces cannot dominate or possess us except by our own consent. Believers will not be tempted beyond their power of resistance. The power of Satan is limited. He acts within the limits set by God. The believer has God’s powerful presence and peace, faith and prayer, as spiritual security. Knowledge about Satan and his angels alerts Christians to the danger of satanic temptation. Satan and demonic forces are active but limited. Main thrust of believer is on the availability of God’s power, love of Jesus Christ, and leading of the Holy Spirit. Dragon is the “great sea monster” probably a snake, which is called in the Bible “the beast”. This beast is the symbolic form of Satan, a mythological sea monster symbolic of the forces of chaos and evil in opposition to God’s creative and redemptive work. Revelation develops a sense describing the dragon as a great red monster with 7 heads and 10 horns. This dragon is clearly identified with Satan, the devil, and is termed as the deceiver and accuser of the saints. At the end of the history this dragon will be put under guard for 1000 years, and later released for final destruction.



In Bible, in the book of Daniel, there arose the expectation of one who would oppose the Lord Jesus Christ and His people Israel. This evil leader was referred to as the king of north, who would come with a mighty army to crush the nations, to persecute the righteous, to bring death and to set up his throne in the temple city -Israel, which is described as abomination of desolation. In Judaism the 4th empire was viewed as the Roman Empire. I John 2:18 speak of the antichrist that is the great enemy of God and in particular who precede that great enemy Satan. Antichrist denies the incarnation and Christ’s deity. The Antichrist is clearly identified as a deceiver who teaches that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh. Mark and Matthew apparently expected a Roman ruler to once again enter the Temple, as did Antiochus and Pompey. In Revelation, the beast from the sea is often viewed as an antichrist. In 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12, the antichrist figure is armed with satanic power and is fused with ‘beliar’ who is called false prophet, a Satanic being. In the passage the Roman government is viewed as restraining its power. In Revelation, the Roman Caesar is the evil force. Christians today have differing views of the antichrist figure. They look for a Roman ruler who will appear during the tribulation and will rule over the earth. The Bible clearly portrays the coming of a world leader who will negotiate a peace treaty with Israel in the last days. In the broadest sense, the “spirit of antichrist” is already at work in the world and has been since the beginning of time this spirit is the anti-Christian spirit that opposes everything that is true about Jesus Christ. From very beginning of the Christian era, believers were convinced that a world leader would come on the scene that would be the embodiment of Satan. Thus the real power of Antichrist is Satan himself. The anti Christ is actually known by several names and titles throughout the Bible. “The beast”, “man of sin”, “wicked one”, “abomination”, “little horn” “fierce king”, “prince that shall come”, “vile person”, “strong willed king”, and “false Christ”. His rule will forge an alliance of Gentile powers and will be part of the “times of the Gentiles”. The Antichrist will be the most incredible human leader the world has ever known. He will be the epitome of human genius and power and a master of deception, empowered by the “father of lies”, the Satan. By promising peace, he pushes the world into war. At least ten factors will identify the Antichrist when he comes to power. 1. He will rise to power in last days. 2. He will not come on the world scene until after the rapture. 3. He will rule the entire world. 4. He will rule by international consent 5. He will rule by deception 6. He will be intelligent and persuasive 7. He will control the global economy 8. He will be assisted by the false prophet, 9. He will make and break a peace treaty. 10. He will claim to be God. Whether he is Jewish or Gentile is not clear. What is clear, however, is that he will control the last great bastion of Gentile world power and will extend his control over the entire world. Promising to ensure world peace through a series of international treaties, agreements and alliances. Despite his promise of world peace, he will inevitably plunge the world into the most catastrophic war of all times.



Gog, according to Bible is Russia and Mogog is Central Asia: Islamic southern republics of the former Soviet Union. A mad man called Gog by Ezekiel will be the end-time leader of Russia (38:2). A host of allies will join this leader when he invades the land of Israel. Eight other geographical locations are mentioned in Ezekiel are – Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Togarmah (Turkey), Magog (Central Asia), Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (Sudan), and Libya. These nations led by Gog, will come against Israel in the later years. This probably describes first half of the tribulation, when Israel will be living under peace treaty with the Antichrist. Near the middle of the tribulation, Russia and her Islamic allies will descend upon the nation of Israel “like a storm and like a cloud to cover the land (38:9). At this time Antichrist will break his covenant with Israel and invade her himself. But God will be in the full control of the whole situation. God will come to rescue His helpless people and will use four judgments to destroy the nations. 1. A great earth qualke, 2. disease  3. smoke may be of bombs 4. rain, hailstorms, fire, and sulfur. The four key events take place after this. The call for the birds and the beasts to feast on the dead, the burying of the dead for seven months, the burning of the weapons, and the blessing of the salvation.

Gog (Russia) of the land of Magog (The Muslim allies) is the leader of the forces of evil in a revelation conflict against Yahweh the God. In Revelation 20: 8 Gog and Magog appear together in parallel construction as forces fighting for Satan after his 1000 years bondage. Magog means place of Gog.



Armageddon is a Middle East site, which is located in northern Israel. The final battle between the forces of good and evil, occur during the final days of great tribulation in this place. The city was very active from the time of the Patriarchs through to the Judges but this golden age came to an end about 1125 B.C when it was destroyed. When, Megiddo was finally annexed to the nation Israel is not known, but this city was served as Israel’s defensive and security purposes. Finally, the mount of Megiddo or Armageddon will be where the kings of the world are gathered for that final battle in the last day of the Lord. Where Israel was initially frustrated during their conquest of Canaan is exactly where they will be victorious with Christ in the end. 

The first six cups of wrath will serve as an introduction to the battle of Armageddon. When the sixth cup is poured out, the second coming of Christ is near. The waters of the Euphrates will be dried up to prepare the way for a military invasion of Israel by the kings of the East. Revelation promises that in the face of defeat of God’s Saint’s by military forces from the East, South and the North, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to defeat His enemies and deliver His people. Armageddon is also called as Megiddo “place of troops”. John records this battle in the Revelation, “And I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon (Satan), and out of the mouth of the Beast (Antichrist), and out of the mouth of the False Prophet (Muslim leader). For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty”. These armies are led to converge upon the holy land to fight for superiority. However, it is apparent that the satanic purpose of the Battle of Armageddon is to gather all the military might of the world to contend against the armies from heaven. When the 7th cup of wrath is poured a devastating worldwide earthquake, will destroy Babylon and all other nations, which come against God’s children. The Islands and mountains will disappear. The world will be left in shambles and its cities will be in ruins. Apparently, only Jerusalem and the cities of Israel will be left unscattered. It is to this scene that Christ will return in power and glory, as described in Revelation 19:11-16.