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All the knowledge that ever existed has been waiting to be explored. It is inherent in man that he should think. Science tries to explain everything logically. History is evident of itself, we have been facing certain facts that defy logic or may even have higher logic than what has been developed through the entire existence of mankind. As I try to set a point across, it is still evident that this logic might not be universally accepted. As such the word ‘logic’ has not been defined properly. Yes, one can think their way to God. To know God, or to come to that conclusion that God really exists is by one thinking what is really happening in their life. Mostly this situation occurs when they are being troubled all the time by one thing or another, and end up getting hurt most of the time.


Some people I know have done that and started questioning God. Questions like: Why have you done this to me God? What did I ever do to you except for believing in you? Why do you give me such a hard time? Why do these things always happen to me and me alone? These are the questions that my friends asked, hoping to get answers for such questions. Actually even I had and used to ask same questions, when something bad happens. Especially my loved ones are getting hurt or having extraordinary problems.  All people are seeking the answers to the confusion, the moral sickness, and the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. We are all crying out for guidance, for comfort, for happiness, and for peace.


We talk about peace but confronted by war. Each time we have told ourselves “This path is the right one; this one will take us where we want to go”. But each time we have been wrong. One day talking to a cousin of mine, made me change my opinion on what I had to say to God and especially when problems take place in my life. What he had said was that, why is that people question God, when something bad happens and when something good happens, they start saying thanks to God and sometimes not even say thanks and they boast themselves that, good thing is happened because of their own goodness. This made me think for a while. It is true that people do this and I myself did that. God is the creator of all things and whole universe is under His control. He has authority to destroy us or construct us; He has authority to give us pain or happiness. He can do whatever He wants to do. Who are we to question His authority? After all we are His creatures. Since that day, I came to a conclusion that I am no one to question the creator of all things that is living or dead. Once I started to think like that, I came to know other things, which were of great surprise to me.


I came to know that God is the one who gives us good and bad situations, so that we may learn that in God there is nothing bad. It is also said in the Bible, “whether it is favorable or unfavorable it is for our own good”. It is not victory that shapes us, but adversity. Tribulation molds and refines the character of ones life. This ordeal is part of God’s plan for perfecting His chosen children. Life is series of seasons, some good and some bad, and those we must expect to experience both. God wants us to taste the good things and also the bad things, so that we can choose what is best for us. It will become extremely important to us to do what God says is right and to avoid what God says is wrong. We will strive to be separated from the world or the things in the world, once we come to know what is wrong and what is right. The world and everything that people want in it are passing away, but the person who does what God wants, lives forever and ever. A philosophy teaches that mankind should escape from the evil, or ignore the evil of this world. Well, Salvation doesn’t come by mankind’s escaping or ignoring the evil of this world, but by God entering into this world and into us and redeeming creation and us.


It is never too late to be able to understand life at a level higher than what we are able to do at present. Some times in our adverse situations friends may contribute only criticism. May be they are looking at the situation as an opportunity to verbalize hidden feelings of jealousy, hoping that we are less than what we appear to be. Adversity will force friends and relatives to reveal themselves. They may believe we are getting what we deserve. But they do not understand that we are God’s chosen ones and He is perfecting us to see His Glory face to face. We understand that and continue to love God in our adverse situations but we still want answers for some questions. The answers to the toughest questions have inadvertently been the simplest ones and these take the most thinking. The greatest question in the history of mankind has been “How do we define God?” I am sure that if we take a step and start thinking about answering this question we will surely find answer.


Jesus is the full image of God. Full deity of God dwells in Jesus. It is very simple that if we knew Jesus, we knew God. God lived in Jesus and revealed Himself to the world through Jesus. Jesus was aware that God was living in Him and He never asked God why He is giving the pain of the cross, but He just obeyed God’s word. Whatever God had told Jesus to do, He did. He endured the pain. And the most important thing is, God never left Jesus alone to bear the pain but He Himself lived in Jesus and bore the suffering. When God gave suffering to Job, He never left Job alone but God lived in Job and bore all the pain Job undertook. I hope you got the answers for all your questions.


The real peace we will find on the day, when we come to know the truth that the unreachable God who we were thinking about all these days, lives right inside our bodies and bears everything what we undergo during bad and good situations. We are not alone but God lives in us. The materialistic world rushes for more knowledge but never wants to seek the God who Himself is knowledge. The world seeks for economic security. The more economic security we gain, the more insecure we become. The world rushes for pleasures and enjoyment. The more everyday pleasure we enjoy, the less satisfied we are with our lives. We are like restless sea, rushing in waves toward a little peace here and little pleasure there but nowhere finding permanent satisfaction.


Yet, inside us a little voice keeps saying, we are not meant to this way; we are meant for better things. The real happiness is a lasting inner joy and peace that survive any circumstance. It is a happiness that endures, no matter what comes our way. This happiness is undisturbed for success or failure. When we find the ONE who dwells deep within gives that inward peace and satisfaction, then we do not care the problems we face in this world. This kind of happiness and peace stands in need as a strong hold. God alone gives everlasting meaning to life. Once we find loving and compassionate God inside us then full of enthusiasm and love for God and love for others. God is waiting to give such a personal revelation to everyone but people are not giving time for God. World is busy in securing the things which are very temporary.


“What is the use if you gain the whole world and forfeit your own soul”.  You say - “I have the glamour and I am a millionaire, and I have a very good position in my Office and in society” - still you do not have peace. Why? Simply because, you have neglected your Soul. Soul demands fellowship with God, the Spirit, who made it. No one is so poor as he who thinks he is rich but is actually bankrupt. No one is so ill who has a fatal disease and yet thinks he is in perfect health. Unhappiness of the soul, like pain in the body, is only an effect of a deeper, underlying cause. The years we rushed and raced for – education, job, higher standard of living, political influence, science and technology, fame and fortune, pleasure and power will not cure our Spiritual sickness. Temptation, greedy desire for luxury, prosperity, and position lead away from God’s way. If a person doesn’t know where is he going and what is he doing, there will be a Spiritual vacuum deep within his soul. He is lost and desperately needs to find a way out of his dilemma. The root problem for this is “They are lovers of pleasure rather than God – having a form of godliness but denying its power”.  Throughout our entire life we must demonstrate an unshakable faith in our God. We must resist the temptations. We should not forget that God continuously judge us.  May God give you a deeper and inner thinking of what you are doing in this world and what is the real purpose of your life on this earth and what God wants from you.


The things that God demands from us …

1.      The Righteous God demands nothing less than His righteousness from His Children.

2.      The Loving God demands nothing less than His unselfish and unconditional love.

3.      The Just God demands nothing less than His justice.

4.      The Faithful God demands nothing less than His faithfulness.

5.      The Merciful God demands nothing less than His merciful nature.

6.      The Perfect God demands nothing less than His perfect ness.

7.      The Forgiving God demands nothing less than His forgiveness.

8.      The Gracious God demands nothing less than His graceful nature.

9.      The Compassionate God demands nothing less than His Compassion.

10.  The Truthful God demands nothing less than His truthfulness.

11.  The Gentle God demands nothing less than His gentleness.

12.  The Humble God demands nothing less than His humbleness.

13.  The Peaceful God demands nothing less than His peacefulness.

14.  The Joyful God demands nothing less than His joyfulness.

15.  The Patient God demands nothing less than His patience.

16.  The Self-control God demands nothing less than His self-control nature.

17.  The Kind God demands nothing less than His kindness.

18.  The Perfect Holy God demands nothing less than His Holiness from His children.


God will not tolerate sin in His children. God will not compromise with sinful nature in His Children. People cannot cleanse themselves up to the mark of God’s standard. If they try to cleanse their sins with Hyssop or with soap or with acid they cannot clean them up to the mark and God can still see the scars of sin on their hearts (Hyssop is a herb used in the rites of purification, people were sprinkled with hyssop with the blood of sacrificed animals, the cleansing of lepers, and the cleansing of those unclean from contact with a corpse and Psalm 51: 7 applies the well known image of hyssop to spiritual cleansing from sin). That is why God sent His Holy Spirit into this world, so that the Holy Spirit can cleanse us with His Holiness and make us an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Forgiveness in the name of Jesus, and sanctification with the Holy Spirit is very important.


Who are you in this world? Check yourself…

The man who is an accuser is not from God but from demonic.

The man who is a liar is not from God.

The man who is a slanderer is not from God.

The man who does not have forgiving nature is not from God.

The man who puts stumbling blocks in God’s mission is not from God.

The man who has love that is not based on faith is not from God.

The man who is a deceiver is not from God.

The man who is abusive is not from God.

The man who trusts in his positions and possessions is not from God.

The man who is having a form of Godliness but denying its power is not from God.

The man who does not worship God with his Spirit is not from God.

The man who disowns Jesus Christ is not from God.

The man who does not believe in Holy Spirit is not from God.

The man who does not have faith is not from God.

The man who does not have hope in resurrection and glorious body is not from God.

The man who does not have love towards his neighbor’s soul is not from God.

The man who curses others is not from God.

The man who does not realize that every soul is precious to God is not from God.

The man who does not participate in God’s redemptive mission is not from God.

The man who believes in witchcrafts, divination, false prophets and idolatry is not from God.

Check yourself, and if you find yourself even in one of those, do not be troubled, God has provided a way for you to come out of that, and He is Jesus Christ. Take shelter in Him. He will guide you and protect you.


Protection - I do not know what holds tomorrow but He who holds tomorrow is with me. He takes care of everything. He covers me with His feathers. He protects me under His wings. He will be faithful to me. He never takes back His word. I will not fear the terror or attacks. No disease threatens me. A thousand may fall on my right side and ten thousand on my left side I will not have any fear. I will only observe people falling with my eyes and I will see the punishment of the wicked. He guards me with His power. He surrounds me with His angels. They will lift me up in their hands.  Roaring lions and snakes will not do any harm to me. The Devil cannot deceive me. Since my Lord loves me He rescues me. He will protect me to acknowledge His name. He will guide me into His Holy path, which leads me into the Holy City. When I call upon Him, He answers me. An answered prayer is a faith builder. Hallelujah, Glory to God.


Prayer - Lord, I praise you for your goodness and for the great redemptive act you have shown on the cross. Thank you for the blood of the Christ shed on the cross for my iniquities. Help me God, not only to know your word but also to obey it. Help me through your Spirit to put them into practice. Grant me purity in thoughts, in speech and in action. Let me follow the guidelines of your word, dear Lord, that I may please you with my life. Give me courage to commit my life to you. Help me to follow the example of Christ in my life. I want to become a valuable servant of you, so that my life may prove a blessing to many people. Help me glorify you in all that I have. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I might be a temple of you, my living God. Grant me wisdom to chose right things and put away the wrong things in my life. Keep me always closer to you. Give me strength to trust you in personal sufferings. Lord, quench my thirst for Godliness and teach me true humility. Teach me how to depend on you and rely on your strength. Help me to grow in your grace and love. Let my life show others that I have a God who cares for me. I thank you for the provision of approaching you, in prayer. Help me to be loyal and faithful in all my prayers and in doing your will. In Jesus name I pray – Amen.


God’s promise - “I will not leave you nor forsake you”. The Lord will not leave us nor forsake us. He will stay with us and cause our hearts to turn towards Him and be connected with him. His presence with us develops an intimacy and closeness with Him. As a result our hearts drawn towards Him and develop a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him. He will be with us in times of danger and opposition and cause us to triumph over our enemies. Because the Lord is with us we need not fear about what man may do unto us. We may go away from Him in rebellion and face severe troubles and trauma. But when we repent and turn towards Him He will be merciful to us. He will not despise the broken and contrite heart. We can come back to Him in sincere repentance and be assured of His unfailing mercy towards us. He will confirm and fulfill the promise He has given to us. His promises do not fail and will be confirmed by Him. He will not leave us nor forsake us until we enjoy the fulfillment of His promises. When we keep His commandments and walk in His ways He gives us the assurance of His presence and His protection. He will not forsake us because we keep His commandments and do what is pleasing in His sight. It is a great security to live a life according to His commandments. He will be with us all times and help us in every circumstance we may face in our life. He has made a covenant with us that we are His people and we carry His name. Therefore for His name’s sake we will not be forsaken. We are not alone in this world God is with us. We are the people of God who have a covenant relationship with Him. There is a protection in this covenant.  He will be with us until we complete the task He has entrusted to us, just as He was with His people in Bible. We must trust in His faithfulness and not become discouraged in executing our labor for the Lord.