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Only the selected children of God are chosen by God before birth to be Prophets to His rebellious children of particular part of the world. God ordains these while they are in mother’s womb. God puts His word in their mouths to use them to provide prophetic revelation. The word of the Lord comes to them to inspire and write the books and tell the people what is going to happen in future, making clear that God is ultimate author of everything. God gives them visions and tells them what is going to happen for that particular area.

God utters His judgments against them – as the consequences of persistent disobedience toward the Lord by them. God promises His prophets to personally protect them from personal harm. When whole group opposes them and their ministry, they will not be harmed. God is sending these anointed and ordained of Holy Spirit into the groups where God’s children walking the same path as gentiles to judgment and destruction.

Message to His children through these prophets----

They made His land a wasteland - God’s children were also walking down the same path to judgment and destruction as gentiles do.

They have broken the crown of thy head – They submitted to a vassal relationship with gentiles thinking they would protect them from enemies. Instead they trust in those people, they should have trusted the Lord.

Return------ And I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you – The condition for repentance was for the children of God to acknowledge their iniquities. If they would repent, the Lord would bring them to His Holy city.

Lord will send His Prophets “according to His heart” to provide oversight those groups in accordance with God’s true will.

They restore the groups. This restoration will result in “knowledge and understanding”

When they repent – God will give them a new heart that will result in obedience to His word.

God lives with them The rift that took place between God and his children will no longer be there when they return to God.

A Pleasant land is promised by God – In contrast to judgment forecast for them, the future will be restored, because the once wayward children will now address the lord as their Father and shall not turn away from God.

But for the rebellious children the destruction is predicted – to who do not want to turn their ways, destruction is predicted. They would lament and howl over an impending judgment. They do not get courage at the attack of the enemy. Their friends in whom they are believing all these days will not provide the courage, leading to defeat in front of the worst enemy the Satan. God’s impending wrath is inevitable. God would not take pity on them; this judgment would surely come to pass. Complete devastation would take place calamities will come upon them because the people have been unfaithful to God in the covenant relationship to which they were bound. The Lord already told them when He gave the covenants to His children, that if they disobey those rules, and then He would bring judgment on them. God’s standard of justice is built upon the principle, that just compensation is required for every unrighteous act. The time is rapidly approaching “to be avenged” by the Lord. Thorough judgment they will face.

The word “evil” refers to the calamities of judgment, which are to be brought upon rebellious children. God’s presence will be taken off from them.

God forbids any prophets’ intercessory prayer on behalf of them, for God will not listen to such requests, because their sin has progressed to the point of certain judgment.

Even before the actual event of destruction was to take place, lamentation should begin because the certainty of God’s decree would bring it to pass. For backsliding people the eternal lake of fire is kept.

This is because—

At the time of prophets visitation they did not care them nor try to hear what they are warning about. At least one wise man is not found”.

Through prophets God always indicates the need for a circumcised heart, but at this time no one has it, that is why “the earth shall tremble, and the nations” - This leads to global judgment of the tribulation period. The refugees will take captive of another land. Thus that entire place will be desolated. That place will be left with no people to restore the damage that is done. The Lord reminds them the oath He swore unto their forefathers. In this oath, God promised His chosen people that He would give them a land of their own and an eternal kingdom. One day this will be fulfilled when God’s children obey the Lord from a new heart. The prophet’s job is to prophesy what God said. God protects those prophets against to those who plotting to disperse them. But the Lord has promised to protect them and He will protect them.

People are dirty and in need of cleansing. If they would not hear for this call, God will judge them. If they do not repent and humble themselves then their principalities shall come down. The Lord say’s – Moses and Samuel interceded on behalf of the Israel nation, and God relented, but now even these two men could get the nations of disobedience out of coming judgment because these nations have become too entrenched in disobedience.

The Lord would use 4 instruments of judgment.






God Say’s “I am weary with repenting”

The Lord had relented upon His judgment in the past, but His children continued in their sin. This time God would not repent nor change His mind and would destroy His people.

When the Lord beings His children back to their promised land in the last days that it will become a more famous phenomenon than that of the Exodus from Egypt. God’s servants are going to gather all His children from all four corners of the earth to one place.

There are some false prophets everywhere in the world who prophesy that no harm would come to the disobedience. These false prophets have to face the consequences of God’s wrath. They prophesize what people want to hear from them instead of the true message that God provided.

The remnant of God will be re gathered from out of all countries and will result in the setting up of shepherds over them, which shall feed them God’s word.

In later days people of God will hear His voice and understand it clearly. When people come to know about God from heart then God will make a new covenant with them and will correct the basic problem with God’s people.

During the time of Global judgment, which is arrived now, all nations will be judged with God’s wrath. God has power and might to execute His judgment.

Lord readies His plan of judgment from His heavenly throne room. The Lord shall roar from on high. During the process of judgment, the Lord will give individuals an opportunity to repent of their sin and trust Christ as their savior. Whoever repents will not be judged. If the people do not accept this gracious offer, then they will be facing judgment.

The prophets who bring this tough message to people are always opposed but God protects them from such opposition.

God is against to those who prophesy according to their own will

Concerning the lying prophets God say's - the lying prophets follow an evil course and use their power unjustly. Therefore their path will become slippery and they will be banished to darkness and there they will fall. And some prophets even commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers so that no one turns from his wickedness and through this prophets ungodliness has spread throughout the land. So the Lord says "do not listen to these lying prophets. They will fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds but not from the mouth of the LORD. They say 'you will have peace, no harm will come to you'. I did not send these prophets, yet they have run with their message. I did not speak to them, yet they have prophesied. But if they had stood in my council, they would have proclaimed my words to my people and would have turned them from their evil ways and from their evil deeds." (Jeremiah 23rd chapter).

God loves us. But God’s love is often misunderstood. Many think that because He loves us, He will overlook our sins. But the fact is that, He is also just. We can be certain that our sins must be dealt with, either by accepting God’s gift of salvation through faith or by suffering God’s ultimate judgment. The choice is ours to make, and God desires that all would receive His forgiveness.

The false prophets always talk against to the prophets who are ordained by God. Here is a Question. How to know -  who is false and who is right? In Numbers 12: 6 God say’s – “Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision and will speak unto him in a dream. With him I will speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches and the similitude of the Lord shall be behold.”  The prophet who has God's Word speaks faithfully,and God's word is like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces.


The coming time of the tribulation period will be a unique time in the entire history of the world. “So that none is like it”. The people are unfaithful who deserted God, and are living the difficult life of a disobedient child. They are all battered and bruised and have lost their beauty and glory. They look like no one is interested in them. But the mercy of the Lord comes to their rescue. When God rescues them, they will proceed in thanks giving and the voice of them that make merry. They will be transformed from old nature to new nature. Instead of being punished, the Lord will punish all that who oppresses them. Praise the Lord; during that time they receive blessings from God. They will obey the Lord and God will bless them with eternity.

“And you shall be my people, and I will be your God” Says the Lord.

The purpose for what God chose them will be realized during that time. The joy in serving the Lord, and the fact that they are going to gather God’s children, from all over the earth will be experienced by them, the experience of great joy and bounty.

During the tribulation, the Lord will rescue the righteous as remnant. It will be a time when each individual will be judged directly for his or her sin. No longer will God delay punishment and accumulate transgressions because of His mercy instead, He will judge immediately.

The New Covenant is one of the biblical covenants that God uses in His governance of humanity. The New Covenant provides for the spiritual re-birth in preparation for the millennial kingdom. The New Covenant is applied to the church, because it provides forgiveness of sins and a spiritual dynamic that is exclusively reserved for the participants of the New Covenant. The whole new era will be established with God’s New Covenant. Only the people who receive Holy Spirit of the God will be entering into this New Covenant.

So once again the Lord tells His people about the future hope and blessing of eternity with immortality. In spite of impending and immediate judgment, in the long run, God will provide greater blessing than curse. The New Covenant blessing and millennial blessing awaits every one.

“I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me forever” says the Lord.

To fallen human nature it is incapable apart from divine enablement to faithfully serve the Lord. The ultimate blessing of Lord is in store for everyone who repents for his or her sin. If they call upon Him in belief, He will hear their call.

The only way we ever know anything solid about the future is if the God who has hidden it reveals it to an individual. God desires to reveal secrets of the future through His elected ones. The health and the abundance of peace, which are lacking today, will be restored in great quantities. God cleanses His people from all their iniquity, sin and transgressions with the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

God will restore fruits of righteousness so that the joys of life are restored. The Holy Spirit will be restored in each and every person. People will be experiencing blessing under the new covenant. Jesus by sitting at the Father’s right hand is making intercession on behalf of those who are believers in Him. Praise the Lord.

In dealing with the Gentile nations, God has saved and will continue to save some individuals, giving the gentiles a time of special blessing in the body of Christ – the church of the present age. The Lord will bless many Gentile nations during the global blessing. During this time of blessing people will live in obedience to the Lord, because their sins are forgiven and pardoned.

So brothers and sisters “today if you hear God’s voice through prophets of this age do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion”. If you rebel against to God’s voice- God say’s- “ I already declared my oath in anger, that you shall never enter into my rest.”



GOD SAYS: “Yet I will restore the fortunes of him and his sons in days to come if they repent and turn their ways”

  1. He will be ruined
  2. He will be disgraceful and captured
  3. The stronghold will be disgraced and scattered
  4. He will be praised no more
  5. The sword will pursue him
  6. His little ones will cry out and weep bitterly
  7. Anguished cries over the destruction are heard
  8. Since he trusts in his deeds and riches, the destroyer will come against him.
  9. His house will become desolate with no one to live in it. A curse is on him, because he lacks doing the Lord’s work. Because he was not put to sufferings before, he does not know what suffering is, and therefore he takes everything at ease
  10. The days will come that cause him to wander
  11. He said I am strong and mighty but the fall is at his hand
  12. His calamity is near to come
  13. His affliction is hastening fast.
  14. Mourn for him, all who live around him and all who know him better and say “How is the strong staff broken and a mighty scepter broken
  15. He magnified himself against the Lord
  16. Let him wallow his vomit
  17. Let him be an object of ridicule
  18. He is exuding pride, his loftiness, his arrogance, and pride and the haughtiness of his heart but is futile
  19. I know his wrath; his lies will not so affect it.
  20. The destroyer has fallen on his ripe
  21. The sound of his cry rises
  22. His offerings and prayers will not save him
  23. His riches will get perished
  24. His head will be shaved and his beard will be cut off.
  25. In his house there will be nothing but mourning
  26. He will be broken like a jar that no one wants
  27. He will be shattered and he will turn his back with shame
  28. He will become an object of ridicule, an object of horror to all those around him
  29. His own peoples hearts will be like the heart of a woman in her labor
  30. He will be destroyed because he has magnified against God
  31. Terror and pit and snare await him
  32. If he flees from terror, he will fall into a pit. If he climbs out of the pit he will be caught in a snare
  33. This is the year of his punishment
  34. He will flee from the force of wrath and stand under the shadow, but a fire will come to burn his forehead because he is a noisy boaster
  35. His sons will be taken into captivity
  36. Yet I will restore the fortunes of him and his sons in days to come, says the Lord. Praise the Lord!

The destruction comes mainly because –

  1. We trust in our deeds and riches
  2. We lack doing God’s work
  3. We take everything for granted and take everything at ease
  4. We magnify ourselves against the Lord
  5. We think that we are strong and mighty
  6. We execute pride, loftiness, arrogance and haughtiness of our heart
  7. We think that our offerings and prayers can save us and so we can do whatever we want to do
  8. We think our worldly riches are the blessings from God (The riches you acquire after receiving the Holy Spirit of God are the real riches and wealth)
  9. We boast ourselves
  10. 10.  Yet if we repent for these things and turn our ways from these our fortunes will be restored

The Prayer we have to pray is -

O' lord, God, Great and to be feared, you are faithful, you keep the promise, you have kindness for those who love you and keep your commandments. We have sinned, we have done wrong, we have acted wickedly, we have betrayed your commandments, we have betrayed your ordinances and turned away from them. We have not listened to your servants, the prophets who spoke in your name to all the people of this world. Integrity is yours Lord. Ours is the look of shame that we wear today. You have depressed us because of the sin we committed against you. The look of shame belongs to our kings, our elders and to our ancestors and today to us because we have sinned against you. Mercy and forgiveness belong to you oh Lord. We have betrayed you Lord, by not listening to the voice of Jehovah our God. Everybody has turned away unwilling to listen to your voice. That is why curse comes pouring down on us. Even so, we have not tried to ask forgiveness from you. You are watching for the right time to bring disaster on us since we have not listened to your voice. Please Lord by all your acts of justice turn away your anger an your fury. We are your own; we are not relying on our own good works and riches but on your great mercy to commend our humble plea. We know we lack doing your work. We take, everything, at ease, we think we are strong. We magnify and boast ourselves against you O’ Lord. We exceeded our proud, loftiness, arrogance and pride. We know that our prayers and offerings will not save us from your anger. We thought worldly riches are our blessings. Please listen to our prayers and forgive us. We are repenting from our works and deeds. For your own sake do not delay to show mercy on us, because we bear your name please help us in cleansing our sins. God we know that we have sinned. Please excuse us and forgive us --- In Jesus name we pray - Amen